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A Commercial Construction Professional Widely Respected In The USA

When it comes to real estate and commercial constructions in the USA there is a company that cares and is known for its high- quality services. The name of this company is the United Builders Service Inc. and is has been established in 1978. It deals with drywall construction with focus on both structural as well as non-structural metal stud framing, acoustic and drywall grid ceilings. The Company since its inception has completed over 50,000 projects in the nation.

Meet the man behind the success of the company

Lloyd Claycomb is the founder of The United Builders Service Inc. and is currently its Chairman and CEO. He is a man of deep knowledge and experience when it comes to the field of commercial construction and real estate. He says that the nation is booming in the field and the company pays utmost attention to its clients and vendors. He adds that no two projects are ever the same and as a leading name in the said field it is crucial for him and his team to gauge individual requirements carefully and proceed with projects accordingly.

Positive role model for his team and company

He is a positive role model for his team and company today. He is outstanding business leadership and communication skills- this is what makes him successful today. He says that when it comes to a project every level must be managed well. This is why he lays focus on the project management skills of his team. He says that his team of professionals are regarded to be some of the best talents in the USA. They not only know their work but they are aware of the market trends.

The real estate and the commercial construction industry is a dynamic and changing field. This is the reason why it is crucial for him and the team to keep abreast of the changes. He arranges training programs for his team so that they keep track of the latest developments and technology in the market. Top names of the nation bank upon him and his team when it comes to the successful completion of commercial construction projects in time and within budget. No matter how challenging the project might be, his expertise and knowledge guides his team with success.

Role model for his employees

He is a positive role model for his employees too. They say that he is approachable and is always willing to help them when it comes to understanding the latest technology and information in the market. He is ready with answers and guides them like a true mentor.

Besides being actively involved in the commercial and real estate industry in the USA, Lloyd Claycomb is actively involved in philanthropic causes. He is deeply into charity and educational projects not only in the USA but across the world. His wife Karen joins him in all his endeavors. He is associated with Our Children International, The Grand Canyon Bank, Marantha International Volunteers and many other esteemed names in the USA and across the world.