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Remember The Kids When Moving Homes

A new home is cause for celebration for you and your spouse, specially if you’re getting a place that better suits the needs of your family by being bigger or having a larger number of bedrooms and bathrooms. So why is it that when you announce to your kids that you’re moving, they start crying and carrying on and don’t want to leave the house at you’re in?

You may have thought that the current home was inadequate but the kids are happy wherever you are. This may have been the only home they’ve ever known. They’re already familiar with the present neighborhood, their playmates, and the school they currently go to. And now you’re threatening to wrench them from someplace that they love to a strange and unfamiliar world. It’s no wonder that they’re afraid of the change.
If you want to avoid these issues, here are a few tips you can follow so that the kids get just as excited about the new home as you are.

Bring them in during planning.
Bring the children in as soon as you start thinking about getting a new place but break it to them gradually. Ask them what they don’t like about their bedrooms, bathrooms, interiors, and outdoors. See if they can come up with ideas of how to change things for the better. Don’t censor their ideas, no matter how far out they are, so they’re encouraged to speak their minds. Then start showing them pictures in home magazines or settings at department stores that match some of their ideas.

Take them on the house hunt.
When you start looking at potential new abodes, bring the kids along. Ask them what they think is good and bad about what you’re visiting. Have them imagine that a bedroom in the new place belongs to them and how they would decorate it. Get their opinions on the neighborhood as well. If you’re leaning toward a specific home, discuss the positive aspects of it and how it would be better than your current living space. If you tell them that you like their ideas so much that you’ve decided to move into the new space, they’ll feel that they had some part in the decision.

Introduce them to the neighborhood.
Even before the move, take your little ones on regular visits to your new community, especially to areas they would frequent like a local playground or park. Ask the principal of their new school if you could take a tour with your children. Enroll the kids in local clubs and sports teams, so they’ll have a built in set of friends to look forward to.

Have them help with the packing.
Make sure the children participate in every phase of packing. Give them boxes that they can fill with their own toys and clothes, and help them with sealing each box. Even if you’re temporarily putting stuff away inside Self Storage Units Tampa, ask the kids if they’d like to put away stuff as well. Then have them take their boxes there when you store things.

Have a goodbye party.
Before the big move, hold a good-bye party where the kids can invite all their friends and enjoy themselves together one last time. Be sure to give the parents of your kids friends your new contact information, so you can stay in touch, even if you’re moving to a different state.

Have them help with unpacking.
When you finally make the big move, you want to keep the kids safe but still want them to participate. You can kill two birds with one stone by confining the children to their rooms with their boxes and having them unpack those boxes themselves. They’re then stay out of the way of the moving men are carrying heavy furniture into your house.

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