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Introducing a Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

Step 1 – Finding the Location for the Sink

Wall mount bathroom sinks are generally introduced at a stature of 30 creeps from the floor. Take this estimation at the area you need to join the sink. Contingent upon the kind of sink, you may need to evacuate an area of drywall to get to the wooden studs of the bathroom wall. Utilize a level to check a straight line on the drywall where you should expel it.

Step 2 – Providing Support for the Sink

Utilize the drywall saw to slice through the drywall to get to the wooden studs. Cut the 2 by 4 timber to size to fit between the studs. This will give blocking and support to the wall mount bathroom sink. Toenail the blocking pieces to the studs utilizing the stirred screws.

Step 3 – Closing the Wall

Sliced the drywall to size and screw it into place utilizing the drywall screws. Utilize the drywall tape and joint compound to finish the drywall repair. Sand and paint the substitution drywall to coordinate whatever is left of the bathroom and permit the paint to dry before proceeding onward to the following stride.

Step 4 – Attaching the Mounting Bracket

Take after the maker’s directions to mount the wall mount washroom sink. A few sinks will require the utilization of a mounting section. Measure the sink establishment stature again and draw a stamp utilizing the level. Hold the mounting section against the wall at the correct stature and bore a pilot opening into the wall studs.

Introduce the slack rushes through the wall section and mallet them into the pilot openings to the extent they can go. At that point utilize the attachment torque to fix the section to the wall.

Step 5 – Attaching the Sink

Join the fixtures and other sink equipment to the wall mount bathroom sink before appending the sink to the wall mount section. Connect the sink to the section and secure with any mounting equipment gave by the producer and check the sink for level once again.

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

Introduce the water supply lines and P-trap congregations and check for holes. Run a dab of clear or pain table caulking around the sink where it connects to the wall. Permit this caulk to dry before painting if vital.

Some wall mount washroom sinks incorporate a coordinating trim piece or pieces that append underneath the sink and shroud the water supply lines and P-trap gatherings. Mount this piece underneath the sink and to the wall utilizing more slack screws as indicated by the maker’s directions.